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Men's Haircut - from 100 zł

Men's haircut with clippers or scissors. Hair washing (optional) and styling is included. Additions: scalp detox-peeling.

Detox-peeling of Scalp as an Addition - 60 zł

Scalp deep purification on premium Italian cosmetics brand. Special price as an addition to haircut.

Detox-peeling of Scalp - 200 zł

Deep scalp treatment and purifying with cosmetics of premium Italian brand. Recommended for greasy type of hair and scalp.

Men's Classic Manicure - 120 zł

Classic manicure. Cleaning, filing, cuticle care.

Men's Pedicure - 150 zł

Pedicure without feet care, only fingers.

SPA-treatment for Hands - 25 zł

SPA-treatment is recommended for dry hands. Helps to restore the skin barrier and softness. Steps: peeling, massage, mask, cream.

SPA-treatment for Feet - 40 zł

SPA Treatment for Feet is recommended for dry feet. Helps to restore skin softness. Steps: foam for softening, peeling, massage, cream.

Men's Brows Botox - 40 zł

Treatment for brows. Helps to tame, moisturize and reconstruct the brows. Makes them healthier, smoother.

Men's Brows Shaping - 60 zł

Men's Brows Shaping

Men's Brows Thinning - 60 zł

Brows Thinning. Sometimes plucking only a couple of hairs helps to create an even color an texture of brows.

Men's Brows Tinting (Coloring) - 70 zł

Men's Brows Tinting (Coloring)

Men's Brows Lamination - 120 zł

Helps to tame the brows and makes their styling easier.

Men's Brows Lamination + Shaping - 160 zł

Best Brows Lamination and Shaping for Men in Warsaw

Men's Brows Lamination + Shaping + Tinting (Coloring) - 220 zł

Men's Brows Lamination + Shaping + Tinting (Coloring)

Men's Waxing Nose/Ears - 40 zł

Men's Waxing Nose/Ears 1 zone choice. We make sure that you look perfect in any situation

Men's Threading Depilation (1 zone) - 50 zł

Men's Threading Depilation (1 zone) Chin | Forehead | Cheeks

Japanese Manicure (Men) - 130 zł

Let your nails shine without polish! Exclusive Japanese manicure will strengthen your nails and add wonderful shine to them. Steps: hygenic manicure, cuticle care, polishing nails with a special paste enriched with minerals to help strengthen the nails, polishing nails with another paste to add shine to them.